How to Keep Your New Online Store Secure

How to Keep Your New Online Store Secure

Online stores offer power to the everyday person. You can open and manage an online store right from home, without any additional help or manpower. This works if you are selling products or services, and with the increasing number of tech solutions that are available to small businesses, you can easily do the work of dozens right from your home office.

One point that many new small-business owners don’t realize is that the second they put their company online, they are at risk. While hackers might not bother you when you first start out, the threat remains. Small-business owners are easy targets to hackers, and before you know it, you are just starting to get your feet off the ground and there is an attack. Perhaps your data has been stolen. Perhaps it has been held for ransom.

This is reality. In fact, 43% of cyber-attacks are aimed at small businesses, which amounts to an estimated $200,000 loss on average. Protect your business from the very start with this guide.


Hire IT Consulting Services from the Start

The best way to keep your new online store secure is by working with an IT specialist. Hero Managed offers IT consulting that can help you build a detailed IT roadmap for your business, which will help you to grow and stay secure at the same time. With upfront costs, consulting services like this are invaluable for those who are starting a new business that they are tackling as a priority.


Use Unique Passwords for Everything

One of the biggest targets in a cyber-attack is data, primarily login credentials and other personal information that can be used to access different accounts that you have. The personal information that is stolen will be sold on and then in some cases used against you. They might access your business account and steal your customers’ data, or they might be able to easily log in and keep your data hostage until you pay the ransom.

To avoid all of this you will want to use unique passwords for every single account that you create. This way if your data is stolen from one site it cannot be used to access your other accounts.


Train Yourself on Cyber Security

Always train yourself on basic cyber security so that you can spot threats and avoid them before they become a problem.

· Best Tactics

Know the best tactics to keep your business and personal life secure.

· Common Scams

Be familiar with the common cyber-attacks and scams. Some are universal and consistent, such as phishing scams; others are more nuanced (such as phone scams).


Use Software that Comes with 24/7 Support

When choosing software and services for your business, opting for one that offers 24/7 support is going to help you in your darkest hour.


Hire Managed IT Services

Managed IT services are essential as you grow. They can help monitor your system and network, improve your security as necessary, and are there in case a hacker still manages to slip through.

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