Smart design is smart business

Smart design is smart business

If you’re serious about making your online business a success, then you’ll probably already appreciate that your online store design can help set you apart from your competitors. The rule is quite simple: Smart design is smart business.

There is a considerable amount of scientific and academic research to support the notion that online you have only seconds to make a powerful first impression, and that your website’s visitors will make assumptions about your business and the quality of your products and service based purely on the store design and how you present yourself to the world. Why else do the biggest brands in the world spend so much money on how they present themselves online, investing literally millions into establishing their look, feel and values into the hearts and minds of their target audience?

The issues for small businesses starting up are:

  • how do you compete with large and established businesses in your industry?
  • how do you differentiate yourself from hundreds of other shops?
  • how do you get your business known and people talking about you?
  • how do you get the visitors who do come to your site to trust you enough to buy from you?

If you are a new business starting up, you need to connect with your target customers in a way that is appealing and memorable to them. To draw from the theory of advertising, you need to first get their attention, interest them in what you are about, create a desire and perceived need for your particular products and services, and then encourage them to take action.

Getting attention is about making that powerful first impression when a customer visits your website. If your site looks exactly the same as all the others in your industry who sell the same products and services as you, your potential customers have nothing to remember and may not even associate those products and services with you. You need a bit of a “Wow” factor if you want to make an impression that is professional and relevant to your products and services. You want to use a colour scheme that appeals to your customers (and not just you), use consistent and appealing text throughout your page (ESPECIALLY on your home page) and have an intuitive navigation system that makes sense for your products and services. For example, you should be thinking about the words that customers to use to describe and categorise things and not just put your products on to the site in the way your manufacturer catalogs them.

A quality web design is one that will:

  • Is appealing to customers so they don’t just leave straight away
  • Make a memorable first impression so that they want to read more (and come back)
  • Make it clear to visitors what you sell and who you are
  • Make it clear what you stand for and your values
  • Make it clear that you’re different from your competitors
  • Make it clear why you’re different from your competitors
  • Make it fast for customers to add products to their cart
  • Make it easy for customers to get to the checkout
  • Encourage customers to go through checkout
  • Engages customers and encourages them to trust you (through the use of trust logos for example)
  • Encourages customers to share your site with others through social media like Google+, Twitter and Facebook

Once you have a quality design for your store, you have set up the platform for making the other things count: your shipping and payment policies, your returns policy, the content about your products and services, photos and product descriptions.

It’s the case that if you want your online shop to be successful the starting point is a great design that showcases your business.

A smart design is smart business. And if it’s affordable for you and not thousands of dollars, that’s even better!! It’s what we stand for, and it’s why we have adopted it as our new tagline for Ozcart Ecommerce. What does your business stand for?

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