Web design for your customers, not for you

Web design for your customers, not for you

When creating a web design for yourself or briefing your web design professional on the site you would like to have, it is very tempting to request to include swishy coloured boxes, an old logo that your brother designed in WordArt 3 years ago that you’ve used on all your promotional material since and your favourite pictures, colours and images. Unless you are an exact match for the types of customers you are targeting, you may need to think twice about this strategy. You may love it but your customers may not.

Creating an inviting web experience is absolutely critical in showcasing your business or selling online. An easy-to-use, secure and fully functional shopping cart will only get you part of the way. To get your customers over the line and buying from you, you also need to create the most professional and appealing buying environment you can.

This means you need to put yourself in your customers shoes every time you create a design. It’s very similar to designing a storefront that is inviting and makes your customers walk through the door. Always ask yourself:

  • What do my customers expect to see?
  • What would my customers consider inviting?
  • Does my design look as professional as possible?
  • Are my product and header images clear and crisp?
  • Just like in interior design you need to think about the colours used. Ask does my colour palette work well together?
  • Is my web design too cluttered?
  • Is my web design too bland?
  • Would your most fussy and frustrating customer find your site appealing and buy from you?

If you are unsure, let your web designers guide you. After all, it’s their job to understand your customers and make your site look as appealing as possible. But they can only work with what you give them and within your instructions.


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