Domain name tips when the domain name you want is taken

Domain name tips when the domain name you want is taken

You’re ready to open your online store. While you get your suppliers and prices set and take product photos you decide to take the step of registering your domain name so that is all ready to go before you buy your shopping cart software. But the domain name you want is taken. What do you do?

Here are some ways you can generate other domain names that you could use for your business.

  • Use your product name in your domain name. If your business is called Elvis Ltd and you sell lighting, the domain name might be taken but might not.
  • Create a brand name and register that. If in the above example, and were both taken you could create a brand name of your own called something like ‘Lotsa-Light’ and register a domain like
  • Try hyphens or change the order of the words.
  • Add localisation information. Add your country or state to the domain names to help find something unique.

Whatever you register, make sure that when you come to running your store you promote your domain name heavily – in your brochures, in your physical store if you have one, in business cards, trade fairs and at every opportunity you get. This plus building links having an search-engine-friendly shopping cart website on your domain name will help you make your online shop a success.

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