Give it your best shot: Great product images help you sell

Give it your best shot: Great product images help you sell

Realistic, clear photos that include close-ups where appropriate can help sell your products. In ecommerce, a picture really can be worth a thousand dollars.

The good news is that you don’t need a professional photographic studio to get good product images for your shopping cart. Even with a good point-and-shoot digital camera and the right lighting you can show off your products in a way to help them really stand out.

Here are some things we suggest you do when thinking about taking good photographs of your product images:

  • Try to use the same or similar backgrounds, or a consistent theme for all of your product photos.
  • If you are taking photos of small items like jewellery, make sure you have a digital camera with macro mode. The closer it can get to your products without taking over-exposed or blurred photos, the better. For small products like these, it will usually also be essential to invest in a light box. This is a rectangular box, usually made from fabric, that helps even out the light that shines on your product. Used with special fluroscent lights it mimics the light achieved through natural daylight.
  • Check your photos to see if they give an accurate colour representation. If they don’t you will probably need to adjust your camera’s “white balance” settings. If you are photographing clothing, getting the colour right can be essential.
  • If you can afford a top-end camera, look for one that is great with macro photography. The number of megapixels and optical zoom is not as important as its macro capabilities when it comes to taking photos of small products.
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