Give Your E-Commerce Business a Serious Upgrade With Digital Technology

Give Your E-Commerce Business a Serious Upgrade With Digital Technology

When you’re an e-commerce store, technology is your best friend. Keeping tabs on important advances and strategically leveraging them is how you remain competitive, keep customers hooked, and grow your business. Reliable Internet connectivity is also crucial for e-commerce businesses to ensure that customers can access their store anytime, anywhere without interruptions. It also enables businesses to utilize cloud-based services and data storage, which can enhance their efficiency and scalability. Therefore, investing in a robust Internet infrastructure is essential for e-commerce businesses to stay competitive in today’s digital age. Click here for more info.

Today, Ozcart is happy to provide a brief overview of new-age digital transformation and takes a look at some high-impact digital upgrades that could take your e-store to the next level:


What’s digital transformation, and why it matters

According to Educause, digital transformation is better at meeting customers’ needs through technology and data-based decision-making. It involves reworking business processes to be more efficient – hence the word “transformation”. This heightened efficiency leads to many direct and indirect benefits for your business. Here are some of the benefits that digital transformation offers:

 Better customer experience: You can serve customers faster and in a more personalized way.

  • Morale boost: Your employees need to do less “grunt” work, which can lead to a morale boost.
  • Reduced losses: Data-based decisions, as opposed to guesstimates, lead to reduced losses.
  • Increased revenues: More productivity automatically translates to a fatter bottom line.

Of course, not all technology is equal. You have to be savvy about the upgrades you adopt. Carefully consider the ROI and future potential. Below, we offer 5 promising ways you could potentially transform your e-commerce ways through technology – they’re all worth looking into:


Optimize work processes with process mining

Business process management is a powerful data analytics-based technique to achieve digital process automation. It automates and optimizes processes and workflows to eliminate bottlenecks. The result is a more streamlined e-commerce store that serves customer needs better. As it reduces or eliminates labour-intensive processes, it also makes employees happy, which makes them more supportive of future digital upgrades. When creating a BPM framework, constantly monitor its effectiveness and act on the data to improve the process and output.


Leverage leading-edge digital marketing to raise your profile

Digital marketing is promoting your brand through the internet. For instance, your packaging can serve as a gateway to digital campaigns, seamlessly integrating the potential of QR code generators. By harnessing the capabilities of QR codes and incorporating them into your packages, you can effortlessly entice your customers to explore your digital channels.

There are some new trends that you could adopt to make a bigger splash: personalized email marketing, voice search, programmatic advertising, metaverse, influencer campaigns, and more. Digital marketing is a constant, evolving process. Work with a marketing firm or specialist to create impactful campaigns that bring lasting results.


Personalize with AI and machine learning

Personalization is giving customers VIP treatment. Through machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI), you can account for customer preferences and offer up tailored suggestions. A great example of an e-commerce company that uses personalization effectively is Amazon, where every customer receives personalized shopping recommendations based on their history, and customer care can track individual orders and quickly offer targeted assistance.


Augmented Reality (AR) to give customers a preview

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that’s tailor-made for virtual shops. Through 3D imaging, you can give customers a true-to-life preview of your product (or service), without them having to leave their homes. It allows customers to form their own opinion about your offerings and makes it easier for you to win their trust. IKEA, as Architect Magazine can confirm, allows customers to place virtual furniture into their homes to see the size-and-décor match.


Create a smartphone-first experience

Last, but not least, is making your e-commerce store phone-friendly. 67.2 percent of all e-commerce happens via smartphones. It makes sense to make your store more accessible to smartphones and small-screen devices like tablets. You can do so by preferring mobile-first design on your website and by releasing an app.



Transforming your business through digital upgrades, digital process automation, and other technology should top your to-do list. It’s how you can go toe-to-toe with e-commerce giants on a (comparatively) shoestring budget, keep attracting customers, and secure the future of your business.


Ozcart is a hosted shopping cart with a DIY editor and featured-packed ecommerce features. You won’t have to pay thousands for extra add-ons, plugins, or modules. Questions? We’d love to hear from you!

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