Reasons Why Your eCommerce Store is Not Getting Any Sales in 2020

Reasons Why Your eCommerce Store is Not Getting Any Sales in 2020

The eCommerce business is very popular among entrepreneurs just because of its potential to reach a broader audience. However, once you start your eCommerce store, you will realize that turning users into customers is a hard job. Just because there is a lot of competition, it is hard to convince people to buy from your store.

Running an eCommerce store is not like a walk in the park. This is a serious job that needs a lot of research in order to succeed. There are many online stores that fail due to not getting any sales. There are a few reasons why your business is not attracting customers, and we are going to go through some of them in this article.


  1. Targeting the right audience

In order to build a successful eCommerce, you need to establish an excellent targeting strategy. This means that you must do proper research of the audience, and find out which people are most likely to buy your product or service.

This is one of the common reasons why eCommerce stores fail. Poor targeting means that you are advertising to people who simply are not interested in what you are offering. You can also create your “Buyer persona” or the ideal customer and use it for targeting your audience.

Often people fall for the same trap where they are going for a broader audience in order to increase their chances of attracting people, but targeting a specific group of people will bring you a lot more sales.


  1. Your website is not trustworthy

Since cybercrime is continuously rising, people are a bit more cautious when it comes to handing out their personal information. In other words, you need to earn their trust in order to transform them into customers.

First of all, your website needs to look professional. If you don’t know how to design it, see some of the examples from the big brands within your industry. Also, you need to establish some sort of extra security and inform the users that your store is secured. You must add an SSL certificate and few badges for Money Back Guarantee. You can also add reviews from previous customers, just to convince them that your website is safe.


  1. Website is hard to use

People nowadays like to purchase things within few clicks. If you have a poorly optimized website that is hard to use, you will see a lot of abandoned carts. Every single option on your website needs to have a function, and you should try to create the simplest way of browsing products. Your website also needs to be optimized for mobile devices. This is where most of your traffic will come from, and if you have a website that looks like a mess on mobile devices, you will not increase your sales.


  1. Poor customer service

2020 is going to be the year where customer service is going to be the most significant deciding factor for users. Businesses from every sector are focusing on improving customer service in order to gain a better advantage over the competition.

Customer service in the eCommerce store is crucial for success. It is also great for building a steady brand that people can trust. You need to have exceptional customer service and always provide valuable information to users as fast as possible.


  1. Slow shipping time

Shipping is very important when creating your eCommerce business. It is a deciding factor in customers, which means that you need to establish a great shipping strategy in order to increase sales. The package should be sent to the customers as fast as a contender horse running on Kentucky Derby. Most people expect to get their product within a week, so you need to be prepared for that unless you are running a Dropshipping store where you will get your product from China.

These are some of the reasons why your eCommerce store is not getting any sales. If you just started your store, you cannot expect people to start flooding in. It will take time and effort to create the ultimate eCommerce store and gain people’s trust. Most people learn the process of advertising products through trial and error, so don’t be afraid to try new things.

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