Shopping carts with wish lists: what are the benefits?

Shopping carts with wish lists: what are the benefits?

Offering your customers wish lists as part of your shopping cart is a fantastic way of building loyalty and increasing turnover through your online store.  This is a built in feature of all Ozcart packages.

So what are wish lists and why are they so useful?

Sometimes it is really hard to know what to buy someone else if they are someone who seems to have everything or just someone very particular about their likes.  If you are looking to buy something for them, an online shop which provides wish lists can help. Here’s how.

  • That person can go to the shop, create a wish list and put on to it all of the things in the store that they would be happy to receive
  • They can also mark those products they would definitely not want to receive
  • Once they make their wish list public, anyone with an account in your store can search for their wish list, browse through it and add items from that list to their own cart.

No matter what the occasion – weddings, birthdays or Christmas – searchable wish lists are a must-have addition to your online store.

Having a wish list in your store can also encourage customers to come back and buy later.  When you see something you like in a shopping mall window, you may say ‘I must remember to come back and buy that’, but in many cases you never do.  If you wrote the item down on a wish list and stuck it on your fridge, you would have a constant reminder of that product and be more likely to go back to the mall and buy it.  The same can apply in your store. Having a wish list gives customers the opportunity to mark products they are interested in an come back to them later.

As a store owner you get a list of the active wish lists in the admin section of your store and may be able to run promotions to customers who have added items to wish lists and not come back to buy them yet. You could offer them a  discount code for example to move them from dreamer to buyer.

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