The right mindset for starting your own business

The right mindset for starting your own business

Starting an online business can seem frustrating as it gets itself started, but with effort and focus the results can be very rewarding.

What’s it like to run a small business? When will you start seeing successes? How quickly you see returns is largely dependent on one factor: you. Your determination, your motivation in the face of competition, your focus, your innovations. Every new business is different but having the right mindset is especially important.

There are days when you probably think ‘what is the point of running this business?’ Starting a new business can be a real challenge. It can drag you down, beat you up and leave you wondering about what it is you really want and what you are meant to be doing. When you don’t get customers, when you haven’t had orders in weeks or even months you start to wonder what is wrong and if those customers will ever come in. The answer is ‘yes’ they will… but only YOU can do the work to get those customers coming in.

Starting a new business like anything takes time to establish. You need to expect days when everything will go wrong and every customer will complain or want a refund. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you do it’s simply just not good enough. Every customer is unique and you can’t win them all or make everyone happy at the same time. Try to focus on the important aspects of your business and keep your cool with your customers. Remember every new customer is another step ahead for your new business.

Just because a customer is angry or frustrated doesn’t mean it is something you have personally done wrong. They could be simply venting and taking their frustration out on you. This can be unfair but it happens. This is something you need to quickly learn to deal with. Tell your customers you understand their frustration and would love to help them and you may be surprised at the response you get back.

Amongst the very bad days there will be high points that will make you feel great achievement within yourself and allow you to keep believing in what you’re doing.

Sometimes family and friends can be negative towards a new business idea and this can be very discouraging. Being surrounded by negativity can be hurtful and cause you to rethink your ideas and leave you feeling down and depressed. Your family and friends are most likely just trying to look out for your best interests and point you in what they believe is the best direction. Try to take a break from this negativity and decide for yourself what it is you want with your business and trust in your dreams.

There are many things you need to run a successful business and we believe three of the most important things are determination, innovation and passion.

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