Wholesale shopping cart features expanded

Wholesale shopping cart features expanded

In a new release for 2010, ozCart now includes more shopping cart features that will particularly appeal to wholesalers.

Some of these include:

  • Assign customers to wholesale groups – any given customer can either be designated retail (the default) or one of three different wholesale group
  • Wholesale pricing levels – each product can have up to 4 prices: the retail price, and three different wholesale prices. These prices don’t have to be a percentage of the retail price – they can be anything you like. 
  • Wholesale only products – products can be hidden from retail customers if they can only be bought by wholesale customers
  • Checkout minimums – You can require a minimum order level before a customer can check-out in your store
  • Product minimums – you can require a minimum quantity for each product in your store
  • Percentage discount groups – customers can belong to a discount group that gives them a percentage off everything they order. This discount is applied at checkout time and not to each individual product price.

These wholesale features are only available in the Platinum version of ozCart, except for percentage discount groups.

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