Wix vs WordPress – Choosing The Right Platform

Wix vs WordPress – Choosing The Right Platform

Regardless of the purpose, you’re building the website for, choosing the right platform is essential to avoid future complications. So, if you’re designing a website, chances are you’ll be reading all the in-depth website builders reviews. And at the end, your hunt for the best website builders will probably boil down to the Wix vs WordPress debate.

Wix and WordPress work quite differently. Where Wix is a drag-and-drop website builder, WordPress is a complete CMS (Content Management System) that involves some coding knowledge. However, both of them are powerhouses for website building.

We have evaluated Wix and WordPress for five key features to help you make the right call for your website. Let’s find out which one would be suitable for you!


Which one is better: Wix or WordPress?

The choice of platform depends on the purpose of your site. Whether you are planning to build a website for a portfolio, an ecommerce store, a blog, or for other purposes – will decide which website builder would be better.


Ease of use and Support

Wix has a very user-friendly online interface plus you can get the domain name and host at the same place. Even if you’ve absolutely no technical knowledge you can easily design your website yourself. Therefore, most beginners prefer using Wix to build their websites.

From over 500 templates, you can either choose one or design on your own. Its editor is easy to navigate because of the drag and drop functioning. In addition to that, through the Wix ADI feature, you can straight away build a personalized site just by answering a few questions.

Whereas, for WordPress, you have to buy the domain name and hosting separately, before installing WordPress. If you need hosting, do check our hosting by clicking on it in our menu. Though WordPress offers various plugins and themes, for instance, you can allow your clients to schedule appointments by offering them easy ways to book a call via your website, it is not as intuitive as Wix’s drag and drop editor. Therefore, you must have some technical skills and knowledge for using WordPress.

Besides the ease of use, in case of any issues, the Wix help center is there. It responds within 24 hours and accepts phone calls too. Contrastively, WordPress provides no such Support as it’s an open-source platform and the support you can find is usually accompanied by rude staff members. So, in terms of ease of use and support, Wix definitely has the upper hand.


Which one is better for blogging?

Wix provides you with pretty basic blogging options like scheduling blogs, adding pictures, categorizing the posts, and adding tags. It is good enough for a plain portfolio-like website but for a more dynamic site, you might find these features insufficient. Moreover, the comment section on Wix’s blogs is quite sluggish hence you’ll be required to integrate it with other commenting platforms.

On the other hand, WordPress is a veteran of blogging. It provides you with features that add much more detail to the blog posts. With WordPress, you will get the tags, categories, various options for embedding media, and better presentation of content. Moreover, knowing CSS and HTML is a plus as you can make some tweaks in website layout to match that of blog posts.


Wix vs WordPress SEO

Whether or not your website will rank is an important aspect of evaluating a website builder. Fortunately, both Wix and WordPress work fine for search engine optimization. With Wix, you can easily customize the page title, meta description, headings, or URLs. Also, you can add the canonical tags and 301 redirects for better optimization.

However, the page loading speed and Wix naming images randomly can be a concern for you. If we compare this to WordPress, there you can customize all these factors on your own. One of the best things about WordPress is the availability of Yoast SEO and many other paid and unpaid plugins for SEO.


Wix vs WordPress Ecommerce Store

Wix can be a great platform for operating your small ecommerce stores. It comes up with a business management system, where you have various payment, shipment, and taxes options by integrating third-party platforms like PayPal, Xoom, etc.

However, running a large-scale business on Wix can be problematic as there are issues related to page loading speed, not enough sublevels in site navigation structure, and URLs that cannot be customized for other currencies and languages.

In comparison to that, WordPress can provide you a much more dynamic platform for ecommerce. All you have to do is use the free WooCommerce plugin for physical products, Easy Digital Downloads for digital products, or Tribulant Shopping Cart for both physical and digital products, including donations. They will help you manage your online store and will enhance the user experience. For making your website more interactive, you can also integrate the Nudgify app that provides social proof via ‘Nudges’ based on real-time data of your store. Also, this app can be integrated into the Wix ecommerce stores too.


Security and data protection

Data security is one of the biggest concerns, especially for online businesses. Therefore, you must consider the level of security the website builder provides.

On Wix securing your website is an automated process. It’s like setting up your Google Account where you only make sure to set a strong password and enable the 2-Step Verification for securing your data and the rest is on Wix.

In contrast, on WordPress, you’re in charge of everything, even the security. Therefore, you can decide the level of security you want for your site and implement it accordingly. You might need the coding knowledge for this or, you can hire a developer who can take care of the security updates and check the errors or loopholes in the site.

In addition to that, WordPress also has pretty handy plugins for security too, one of which is WordFence security. Therefore, WordPress in terms of security also works better than Wix.


Final Thoughts

According to the five key features we discussed for evaluating the two giants Wix and WordPress, the latter looks more promising. Though for using WordPress, you might require knowledge of both HTML and CSS if you don’t use a page builder. WordPress makes your website much more dynamic and user-friendly because of a number of extensions and plugins. In terms of blogging, SEO, ecommerce, and security, WordPress’s features top that of Wix. Therefore, WordPress is our pick in the Wix vs WordPress debate.


There’s an ecommerce alternative to Wix and WordPress

In your search to find the best shopping cart and ecommerce platform, you have probably started to realise that there is no perfect system. They all have advantages and disadvantages so you’re left with seeking out the best one for your business. If you prefer WordPress, consider hosting your website with us. If you’re convinced that a hosted solution like Wix is the one for you and your online shop, then you might want to consider Ozcart Ecommerce, our own hosted shopping cart. Ozcart is a shopping cart system for stores with lots of features. You can even use OpenCart modules with it. Ozcart includes hosting, email (depending on your plan), and you won’t have to concern yourself with bug fixing and new features as it’s all included in the plan.

All of the above systems are excellent choices and we suggest experimenting and trying out the trials or demos to get some experience with each platform before making a decision. It would save you time in the future, if you find that the platform where you set up all your products and pages wasn’t the appropriate one.

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