What are your legal rights as a store owner?

What are your legal rights as a store owner?

Wherever you do business, you can never escape the law.  If you’re an Australian or New Zealand business selling online where can you go to find out what your legal rights and obligations are?

Naturally there is your business solicitor, but if you are looking to do some reading yourself, here are some useful resources you can consider:

  •  The ACCC website. The ACCC administer Australia’s main fair trading law, The Trade Practices Act 1974, which applies no matter whether you are an online or offline business. Their website contains useful PDF downloads of fact-sheets and does have content on online store owners as well.
  • The NZ equivalent of the ACCC is the Commerce Commission.
  • ozNetLaw website. ozNetLaw is a site designed specifically to help businesses understand their legal obligations when trading online. It has been sponsored by the Australian Attorney General’s office and two leading private law firms.  It has a huge range of fact sheets covering legal issues encountered with respect to email privacy, advertising, marketing and more.
  • Other resources. NZ customers will be subject to different ecommerce laws so should consider resources such as WashLaw NZ Legal Resources Site. Unfortunately, NZs Ministry of Economic Development decided to discontinue their site about ecommerce news so the information on their site will grow out of date with time.

For up-to-date news including ecommerce law topics, one website also worth looking at is the Internet Business Law Services Website which includes news on Internet Law with respect to online stores and eBay sellers.


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