Can I backup my website?

in Hosting and Security
Your website is automatically backed up daily during the night. It backs up your data every day for 7 days, along with 2 backups for the 2 previous weeks on Sundays, and 2 backups for the previous 2 months on the first day of those months. This includes your products, orders, images, videos, text, pages, database, emails (if your email hosting is with us), and all other data.

In the unlikely event of a server crash or if you accidentally made a mistake that requires restoration, we can restore your website back to the state it was as long as it is within our backup period.

You can also make your own backups of products, categories, orders, and customers in the admin area of your site using the Import/Export tool in your store. We advise doing this after you set up your whole site the first time, and subsequently every once in a while.

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