What products should I sell?

in Starting an Online Business

There are many different products that are well suited to being sold online. When choosing a product to sell online, consider:

  • Postage – how easy will your products be to send? What postage methods are available?
  • Competition – how many sellers are already selling this product online? Do you have a unique way you can offer your product or some point of difference that would make customer buy it from you? Is there a different way you could use or bundle your product with something else that you sell?
  • What is the buying process? How much convincing would customers need to buy this product online? What factors would influence their decision?
  • Costs – what will the product cost you to purchase? Do you have to import this product or can you buy it locally? How available is the product at suppliers?
  • Suppliers – will you send products to customers directly from the supplier (drop shipping) or hold stock and send out the items?

You want to find a product that has a high profit, good turnover, low cost and is easy to ship to end customers.

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