20 ideas for generating more business for your online shop

20 ideas for generating more business for your online shop

Need some ideas and inspiration to boost the sales in your online shop? Here are some marketing ideas that you could implement for your business, using Ozcart. If you want to implement one of these ideas and your shopping cart doesn’t have these features, then come and talk to us.

1. Help your customers find what they want by setting up product filters – customers can then search by brand, by price range and by the product specifications (e.g. dimensions, invitation size, colour, part type, RAM, disk space). You could run promotions on particular combinations

2. Create bundled discounts e.g. buy boots and a ski jacket together for a total discount or fixed price

3. If you’re a gift related business promote your gift registry

4. Create specialty printable gift certificates for different times of the year. Christmas is just around the corner..

5. Set up a VIP area with special promotions. You could even use subscription products with special benefits – a product club

6. Look at your product range – could you bundle your products in a pack to target a particular type of customer? Is there a clever or innovative way that you could present your products? Do you have unique descriptions for all the products in your store (search engines don’t like content they can find on other websites)?

7. Turn on reviews and review ratings. Ask your existing customers to review your products. Do not seed them yourself (customers can smell fake reviews so don’t even bother!)

8. Run a two for one promotion

9. Change out the rotating home page slider images or home page graphic with new images every week, month to reflect promotions and new arrivals

10. Use email marketing. Create a newsletter with useful content and send it out to subscribers.

11. Follow up on lost sales. Use your abandoned carts feature to identify customers who signed up but did not complete checkout.

12. Use email marketing. Send out promotions to your loyal customers.

13. Post promotions on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

14. Use product data feeds (like MyShopping, GetPrice and Shopping.com ) to get your products in front of more people.

15 .Got a major product announcement or major piece of news? Write a press release and submit it to publications/journalists in your field.

16. Try Pay Per click advertising (Google Adwords, Facebook advertising)

17. Turn on social media sharing in your site and use the CMS (content management system) features of your shopping cart website to write articles, create useful and helpful content for your customers (how to guides)

18. Promote the quick reordering facility in your store

19. Review your shipping times, returns policies, payment terms, payment methods, privacy policies. Is it clear to your customers that your site is a secure place to shop. Do you reassure them in your About Us page that you are reputable. Do you have your basic contact details completed in your site?

20. Run a free shipping promotion – shipping prices are known to be a big barrier to online shopping and studies have shown that this can overcome buying objections.

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