5 Great Reasons to Open an Ozcart Online Shop in 2012

5 Great Reasons to Open an Ozcart Online Shop in 2012

If you have the determination and drive to start an online business, then 2012 is an ideal year to open your online shop. Here are just 5 of the best reasons why 2012 is an ideal time to get your business idea off the ground.

There are many great reasons to start an online shop this year with an Ozcart shopping cart. Here are just 5 of them.

5. We take care of your important first impressions 

You have enough to worry about when starting up a business on top of doing your own design. It was cool to design it yourself when you were in year 8 or 9. Even if you have the talent to do so, today it’s a waste of your precious time. Or if you have to hire someone else to do it, it’s a waste of your money too.

So let us take care of the design, we’ll work to the base design you choose from our collection using your colours, your graphics preferences, your logo, and your business name.

4. We take care of the web hosting technology

There’s no point running an online shop on an insecure server that feels like it’s been stuck together with band aids. You need a solid performing server, with high uptime in a world class data centre that is not only monitored 24/7, but has highly experienced server admins looking after the servers.

We take care of these decisions too, housing your website on a high performing server in a world class data centre that hosts tens of thousands of servers (i.e. millions of sites) and has the right server admins for the job. This keeps data uptime as high as possible, security as rigorous as possible and gives you one less thing to worry about. With better data security policies, backup power supplies and more, you can rest assured that Ozcart websites are set up with security of your shop in mind.

Put simply, we’re security paranoid and that’s a good thing if you’re running a shop!

What’s more, there’s no web software to install to set up your shop – we do that for you when you sign-up for Ozcart. We set the server settings appropriately for your shop. You get on with running your business and not trying to stay up to date with PCI DSS standards, email anti spam technologies, security, server performance, php versions, backups, file permissions and the physical hardware of the servers.

3. Overseas competitors are coming to Australia and driving more people online.

That’s more people looking to buy if you can find them and reel them in

Large foreign offshore companies are increasingly seeing Australia as a way to grow their sales. This could be seen as a threat, but because only a small proportion of Australians are currently using the Internet to buy (rather than just to research), this is bringing new people into the market who will shop around for the best deal. There are many ways you can compete with a large foreign multinational. Just because they’re big doesn’t make them invincible.

2. Start now and you’re well placed to make money as the market recovers

The saying “shutting the gate after the horse has bolted” exists for a reason. The people that will profit the most from online are those who are in the market when times are tough, who ride it out. If you can make your business succeed when times are tough, imagine how good you’ll do when times are great.

1. Ozcart has Aussie features, an Aussie support team, and is built for Aussie business.

There’s no offshore technicians answersing your questions (who can’t speak english) or people who haven’t run an Australian business. We’ve been around the block and we’re down to earth. We know about marketing, and we actually care about your business success. We’re not precious or pretentious. We’re simply professional.

Take advantage of the small number of Australian businesses that have a web presence and the growing number of Australians using the internet for browsing and buying, and get your online business online as soon as you can. Online is a great way to supplement income if you have an online shop and reduce your risk. If you have the right idea you can make millions or billions too. Would Mark Zukerberg (founder of Facebook) have preferred to work a 9-5 job in an office, or run his own empire where he was his own boss?

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