Business idea: start a mountain biking business online

Business idea: start a mountain biking business online

Do you run a mountain bike store or are thinking about selling mountain bike bikes and parts?If so, online is an excellent channel for you to consider.

More bike shops than ever are turning to online to help them reach out to new customers, selling everything from clothing and accessories to mountain bikes themselves, and all delivered around Australia by courier.

An important factor in making an online bike shop a success will be putting your own expertise in cycling and bike parts to good use on the website. For people to buy from you,  you’ll need to demonstrate that your store is credible. If you have a physical store, we suggest you include on your about us a map to your physical shop and information about how long you have been in business, how many bikes you have, the brands you sell etc. Include some photos of your shop.

If you are an online-only business, some things you could highlight to help demonstrate your credibility is include a page on your website about your security, offer a number of different payment options to give customers choice, think carefully about your returns policy and include helpful guides related to mountain biking and purchasing bikes/parts. 

Also think about using your ecommerce store’s newsletter function, free shipping promotions, wishlists (to capture people who are almost ready to buy) and gift vouchers to encourage purchases for special events like birthdays.

 If you want to run your own mountain bike business online, talk to us about an ozcart shopping cart website.


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