Shopping cart business ideas

Shopping cart business ideas

Starting a new business? Here are some starters for ten.

Business ideas suited to ecommerce

Want to start an ecommerce business or expand an existing business, but not sure where to start? Want to get your business online but not sure how? Here are some e-business online business marketing ideas that could get you started.

  • Wedding favours – People are always getting married all year around and table decorations are big business. People often want something custom or special on their tables, so it’s an ideal small business idea. What’s more, ‘wedding’ is one of the most frequently searched terms on Google.
  • Florists – in quieter parts of town an ecommerce website can help get you busy again. Let customers overseas send flowers to the people near you, and they will benefit from your local expertise and freshness of the products you sell. Through the Internet you can offer optional extras too, and increase the value of each sale.
  • Set up a drop ship business – if you put in the work finding wholesalers who will drop ship (deliver directly to customers) you can save money holding and managing inventory. Many wholesalers have minimum initial orders then will order in any units your customers desire. Items like computer parts, office equipment, lingerie, pet food, bicycle parts and clothing are well suited to this kin of business model.
  • Gift hampers – hampers are particularly well suited to online purchasing, especially if they contain well known items from electronics to confectionery. Experiences (bungee jumping, car rides, hot air balloons, wine tasting, etc.) are a great online purchase too.
  • Artists – sell your art online. The Internet is a fantastic way to reach new customers for your work, and to build your name. Secure a domain name with your name and protect your identity online.
  • Arts and crafts. Instead of relying on tourist foot traffic, reach out to the world. Get customers before they reach the shores of Australia and get them buying more. Offer them a discount voucher for your store when they purchase something online and they’ll not only buy from you online, but buy in your store too. Offer them another discount voucher in their store to buy from you online after they leave.
  • Antiques. With an ecommerce website you could sell antique furniture from your home, cutting overheads right away.
  • Manufacturers. If you are already manufacturing anything – jewellery, electronic parts, clothing, beverages, confectionery, mechanical parts, sports equipment and more – an ecommerce website can help you find end-customers and resellers. B2B ecommerce stores can help you sell to retail stores too and set business rules and prices for each group of customers you have. Anything that can be delivered can be sold online.
  • Anything that is unique or niche – cloth nappies, your own fashion label, hand made clocks, collectibles, confectionery, antiques, musical instruments, fishing equipment, hand made sleepwear, children’s clothing, used wedding gowns, lingerie makes an ecommerce website ideal for showcasing them.

If you’re thinking about getting started with an online store, look at the leading auction websites and see what sells. Then think about selling those items with your own store, where you list as many products as you want, pay no listing or success fees have your own professional design and retain your own profits.

If you’re interested, talk to Ozcart first. People perform web searches when they are ready to buy products, so why not take advantage of it today.

Ozcart Ecommerce

Ozcart has been in business since 2006 and is an online, hosted shopping cart that you can use for your current or new online store. We offer so many features for the same low price. In fact, we are addicted to adding new ones to ensure that we remain one of the best choices for a shopping cart.

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