Landing Page – How to Use Them to Boost Traffic and Sales

Landing Page – How to Use Them to Boost Traffic and Sales

Marketers’ jobs aren’t done when visitors convert to landing pages. Even landing pages themselves have more work to do before you can celebrate scoring a few conversions. What happens to leads that don’t convert?

Because we are data-driven marketers, we know that many visitors won’t convert to leads or sales. In fact, conversion rates can be as low as 2% or less.

With that said, that doesn’t mean the remaining 98% of non-converters are ‘useless’ visits. There are various ways to improve the chances of converting even more visitors in time, squeezing more value from your landing pages.

It all starts by bringing out the full value of landing page visits, tracking what happens to visitors after viewing the page, submitting their form, or following whatever call-to-action you put. When you measure and feed the data back to your campaigns, it can improve the results and your ability to optimize current campaigns for a much higher return on investment.

Continue reading to find out how to use your landing pages to get the most out of them and boost your traffic and sales based on Adwords specialists and other experts.


Using Landing Pages to Boost Sales and Traffic

A landing page is a destination on websites where visitors are convinced to become subscribers, and eventually, paying customers. The website homepage is usually considered the landing page.

These can either make or break the way viewers capture information and convert it into leads. It all boils down to how they are crafted and the goal to accomplish. There are many ways to use the landing page to increase engagement, sales, subscriptions, and/or sales. They can be used to promote new products, generate new subscribers, and more!

But, how can you make the optimum landing page to gain those necessary leads? Here are some tips to follow:


  1. Offer More Ways to Connect

The point of landing pages is so you can build connections with your audience, as consumers who feel more connected with your company will most likely come back for repeat visits and transactions.

To improve the chances of converting leads, you should offer more ways to connect directly from the landing page. For instance, include email signup forms on the page, which can allow you to segment them based on offers that encouraged them to subscribe. You can also use push notifications on some of the landing pages you have.

Users will want to opt into those notifications if they believe your website has value to them. As long as you work hard on your landing pages’ titles, copies, and designs, you can generate more leads as you offer these alerts rather than email subscriptions.

  1. Have a Video Intro and Incorporate Video

Traditional landing pages would have headlines, text copies, and compelling calls-to-action. Just recently, marketers discovered the importance of video content on their pages. Studies show how landing pages with videos have 80% more conversions compared to those who do not.

The videos you create depends on your industry and the target audiences’ needs. If you’re selling products, including a demo video about what you’re selling, showing visitors what your product is and why it’s worth it, encouraging them to learn more and buy it.

You can also use video content to show reviews and testimonials from your previous and existing customers. This will go a long way toward building your audience’s trust and showing necessary social proof.

Furthermore, when adding videos to your landing pages, it increases the chances of your content showing up on search results if searchers type in the relevant keywords. Video content is more likely to drive organic traffic to websites compared to pure text.

It’s also best to have a video introduction to show what your website is all about, so people get to see the value of your site, what it offers, reasons to follow your call-to-action, and how to perform the call-to-action (buying products, availing services, subscribing, etc.).

With more eyes on the landing page and easy access to it, you get to attract more customers, subscribers, and conversions.

  1. Utilize Social Media

The average person would spend almost 2 and a half hours on social media daily. With more people using Facebook and Twitter, it’s important that your landing pages are accessible from those social media platforms.

To do so, show the target audience landing page links that are relevant to their goals. You should also convince visitors to share the landing page to their social media accounts, which can have you gain more engagement to your account, along with referral clicks from those who share your landing page link.

You can also head to social media group focusing on your industry, getting to know them, and even linking out your landing page whenever relevant and useful.

  1. Simplify the Signup Process

When creating a landing page, it’s important to have consumers provide you vital information, such as their email addresses for signups or payment information when making purchases.

To improve engagement to those interested in your brand is to simplify your signup process. If people want to register only to see forms with many fields, they would change their mind due to the time they’d have to spend or feel uncomfortable providing too much information.

It’s best to keep the form with less than 3 fields for event registrations and email subscriptions. Ask for their names, email addresses, and an optional question to help you segment your leads later on.

  1. Conduct Split Testing

You might have heard of split testing before, also known as A/B testing. This is a marketing term to describe the process of changing elements of offers gradually to receive more conversions.

To accomplish this strategy, you conduct small changes and split the old and new design by 50/50 to readers. The goal here is to see which page would earn more traffic and conversions.

You CAN test every aspect of your landing pages, changing the title, text bodies, subscription options, calls-to-action, and more. While it may take a while to master split testing, you get great results, improving conversions by up to 49%!

To do split testing, take one step at a time. Think of the customer segments and how to get positive results when making changes to the landing page. Try to use each test for two weeks or so to safely assess the test campaigns’ performances.


Wrapping It Up

If you want to grow your business, then you should take advantage of the landing pages on your website, or to begin building one. You’ll be surprised what landing pages have to offer in terms of converting viewers to gain sales and traffic, provided that you build them correctly. Because they are one of the most frequently used sales tools today, it’s time that you dive into them for your campaigns, too. At present, there are many options, for building a landing page, either by using a page builder or hiring agencies like Web Integrations.

I hope that this article on how to use landing pages to boost sales and traffic helped you out. Don’t wait any longer and utilize these tips to take advantage of landing pages today!

Do you have any questions or want to share tips and experiences on landing page optimization? Share them in the comments section below, all your thoughts are much appreciated.

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