Quality content critical for search engine positions

Quality content critical for search engine positions

Google has made it clear: if you want your website to succeed, you need to provide quality, useful content for your visitors. Don’t do this and your website rankings will either fall, or never rise.

The “SEO tricks” that some sites use to artificially elevate their site’s ranking on a particular keyword will not work in the long run – Google has declared war on these types of tactics stating on their official blog that they have implemented some changes to their ranking system to reward unique, quality content and punish rubbish.

The new ranking system was implemented in all English language Google’s on Monday, including Australia, so you need to act now and take this important ranking factor into account.

What are the implications for online stores of Google’s drive for quality content?

  • Keep adding new content to your site – add a blog or create one on a similar domain name that links to your site (giving your site an authority backlink or vote of confidence)
  • Write unique content descriptions – don’t just use the manufacturer’s descriptions for products or they’ll be ignored as duplicate content
  • If you use the manufacturer’s descriptions, add useful information to it: instructions for use for example or your own review
  • Use user reviews – encourage users to leave reviews of your products on your site as this is unique content, and useful
  • Review your content for spelling and grammar errors. Fix any you find as quickly as possible. Hire a proofreader if you don’t have time to do it yourself.
  • If you use advertising on your site, don’t clutter the page with it. People will then consider your site junk and not only will they not visit it or click any of the links, they may even “block” your website from being returned in any of their future searches, a consideration that Google is now taking into account.

A quality site with a professional look, good quality products and content, and a competitive product or service offering will put you in a good place to compete – even against competitors much larger and better funded than you.

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