Using category pages as SEO landing pages

Using category pages as SEO landing pages

It’s well recognised in the search engine marketing community that a basic approach to search engine optimisation is developing a keyword list, grouping them together, finalising a small set of main keywords you wish to focus on and then building optimised pages for those keywords.

If you have a shopping cart website, you may have hundreds of product category and product information pages as well as information pages and your home page.  How do you select the pages to optimise and how do you optimise them?

Use your main categories can be your key entry points

Shopping cart websites like Ozcart allow you to create content descriptions that accept HTML for your category pages. These are a great place to create an optimised category page for your search engine marketing efforts.  You’ll want to make sure that these look great so they are inviting to the end user (your customers) but you can also use search engine optimisation techniques to optimise the page.

Here are some guidelines for your optimised category pages

  • Keep the content focussed on that category. It is an entry point for someone searching for a particular term so don’t try and talk about everything possible related to that topic
  • Write a compelling, unique description for each category
  • Write content that is useful to your customer and encourages them to go to the next step (viewing your products)
  • Create extra content pages that are related to the category and include them as extra pages that you can link to from that category
  • Don’t write too much in your category page description – don’t lose sight of the fact that you want people to click through to the subcategories and products that you offer in that category
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