What does Google’s new design mean for your web marketing and SEO?

What does Google’s new design mean for your web marketing and SEO?

Google has made many recent changes to its search engine in an attempt to make their search engine a more relevant and powerful tool for their users. What does this mean for you as a business trying to sell your products on your ecommerce website?

Some of the changes Google has made in 2010 to its search engine and AdWords technologies include:

  • A new ranking formula (algorithm) which they have named Caffeine
  • A new design rolled out this month
  • Specific word matching within phrases which they are trialing for Google AdWords in the UK
  • New ways of finding sites (a recent report in the US was that Google found a new site from a single link in a twitter post)
  • Putting greater weight on interactive components like Blogs.

Google has introduced these new changes to attempt to return better results for more complex phrases to really hone searches for their users. Of these changes the fact that Google can now return better results for phrases of three or more words will make a huge difference for product descriptions in ecommerce websites.

This means businesses will no longer get away with just dropping in pre-written descriptions from their manufacturers – as these will be identical to the descriptions used by other websites.  Businesses doing this will run the risk that Google will consider these as duplicate content because there will be a much higher overlap in their assessment of the content compared to other sites (their search engine may not have previously realised this).

To succeed in this world, you will need to write unique descriptions for more of your products using the specific phrases that your customers might search for.

The new design will also penalise businesses that do not add new content regularly as your website will not appear fresh. If you’re product range is fixed you have two options: refresh your product descriptions from time to time, add reviews to your website (to keep pages changing and increase interactions and use a blog. Google themselves have said that they expect every business to have a blog, so if you don’t have one, get one.

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