SEO: What is social bookmarking and how can it help me?

SEO: What is social bookmarking and how can it help me?

When you visit a website on the Internet that you want to come back to, most browsers will let you mark it as a favourite or bookmark. But what if you want to share your list of bookmarks with other people? This is where the practice of social bookmarking comes in. Social bookmark websites allow people to keep lists of favourite sites on publicly available lists on the Internet and tag them with keywords. This makes them useful to share with other people or come back to themselves later.

Because they are publicly available, you can visit other people’s lists as well to see what sites they find useful. Search engines can visit these lists too and index them in the search engines. This means social bookmarking can play a big part in helping your website rank in the search engines.

There are a huge number of social bookmarking sites available. Facebook, Twitter and MyYahoo are probably most well known social news and social bookmarking sites on the Internet, but there are many others too: digg,, Stumble Upon and Technorati are other examples.

How can you take advantage of social bookmarking for your search engine marketing activities? Here are a few things you can do:

  • Write useful and interesting content that will make people want to bookmark those pages and come back to them. Use a blog if possible, as some social bookmarking sites focus only on blog/news links and not products.
  • Offer innovative products with clear, concise product descriptions so people will bookmark those pages to show others your products (or come back and buy them)
  • Add a social bookmarking toolbar to your pages or sideboxes (like the one below this article) to make it easy for your website’s visitors to bookmark you. The easier you make it, and the more relevant the bookmarking sites you choose to feature are to your target customers, the more likely you are to be bookmarked.
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