Why Google Instant will change SEO

Why Google Instant will change SEO

Google Instant has the potential to revolutionise the way your customers use search engines. It’s a new technology that displays search results as you type a query. It will mean that the search terms that Google returns as it makes keyword suggestions will become more valuable, and as a marketer, you will need to adapt. Here’s how.

Most of you will be familiar with websites that automatically complete a word or a search query as you type it. Enter a frequently searched term into Google for example, and you will see a drop down box of search suggestions.

Google Suggest

Google Instant takes this approach to the next level by instead of just displaying possibilities like in the above image, it also shows results for the most likely search. So in the above example, the words “online marketing” have been typed into the box and the first suggestion returned is “online marketing solutions”, so underneath this box the results for “online marketing solutions” will also be displayed.

This has implications for your online marketing: not all keywords are created equal, and search terms that Google suggests for certain phrases will become more competitive for search engine optimisation as there will be a greater chance of click-throughs on those terms.

As an online marketer, this means you need to start optimising your shopping cart on the terms that Google suggests for search terms and partial search terms that Google suggests – as ultimately doing so could improve your bottom line in terms of sales conversions. We suggest you start researching now.  Google Instant is not yet available in Australia, but it will be!

The service has encountered some early teething problems in that it doesn’t work on some browsers and does on others, but once these problems are ironed out, it promises to be a powerful technology that will change the way people search the net – and how you should respond to it for your online marketing efforts.

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