Ozcart V5: New features released in August, 2018

Ozcart V5: New features released in August, 2018

We’ve got some exciting new features released and some bugs fixed.

Here’s the list and a description of each one:

More email notifications

  • The store owner will now receive email notifications for when a return (RMA) is requested by a customer (the customer will also receive an email when he submits an RMA).
  • When an affiliate signs up, an email will be sent to the store owner and to the affiliate.
  • When a product review is submitted, the store owner will receive a notification.
  • When a customer registers for an account, the store owner will receive a notification.

To do: Enable email notifications for private messages between store owner and customer.
If you need us to add additional email addresses where your notifications should be sent, please let us know and we’ll add them for you.

Custom Fonts and Google Fonts

Please note that this is a work in progress and some features may not work as expected.
Navigate to Design > Theme Settings > Font.
You’ll be able to customize the fonts for your whole store. Select ‘Yes’ next to ‘Enable Font Customization’ to allow customizations.
If you keep Font Settings as Standard, you can manage them using the 2 dropdowns below it. However, Standard may not offer much. To access hundreds of fonts, select Google Fonts and then click on ‘Select Google Fonts’. A pop-up appears. Select your font and its styles (Colors and font-size do not work yet), click Add and then Submit to use it. Then, save. You can add your own custom CSS (see the next point below) to change font-sizes and more, or use the Visual Editor in Customization)

We also greatly improved the text editor that is used in Pages, Products, Categories, and in other locations in your Ozcart admin area. We added more formatting options that you can use. You may have to clear your cache to see it. Your chosen formatting may overwrite your customized fonts that you chose in Theme Settings > Font, so keep that in mind.

Custom CSS and JavaScript

You can now add your own custom CSS and JavaScript codes. To do so, navigate to Design > Theme Settings > Customization and edit the relevant field there. This gives you more flexibility over your design. You can combine that with the Layouts Builder (in Theme Settings), Layouts Manager (in Design), and the Visual Editor (in Theme Settings > Customization) to build your own customized website.

Theme Layout Width

The width of your website can now be edited. This means that your slideshow, header, content, footer can now become full width. Navigate to Design > Theme Settings > General to edit the Theme Layout Width. You can fine tune your layout with the Visual Editor in Theme Settings > Customization.

Display your promotion’s start and end dates on your product page

When you edit a product and go to the Promotions tab, you can set a quantity discount or special. What we added is a visual way for your customers to know when a product went on sale and when the sale ends. Make sure to add dates for your promotion for this to work. You can enable or disable both the start and end dates for both discounts and specials in Store Settings > General Settings > Options > Products.

Gift Certificates Themes Images now show up when your customers are choosing a gift certificate theme

As the title states, when your customers are on the Gift Certificates page, they will see a preview of the gift certificate theme. You can add more gift certificate themes in Orders > Gift Certificates > Themes.

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