Bank Transfer

Ozcart’s built in bank transfer payment option allows you to display your bank details (Account Number, Bank, and more) and instructions for customers (e.g., their order number, surname, or reference number) when they place an order in your store.

Integration with Ozcart

Setting up your store to accept bank transfer payments is straightforward using Ozcart.

Once you select the bank transfer payment method in your store’s control panel, you can type in your bank details and instructions for buyers. Those details are displayed on the checkout and order screens that customers see. You can optionally display these details on invoices as well.

No card details or money is processed at checkout time, the order is recorded and a notice sent to you by email.

Bank Transfer admin settings

Key Facts

Any bank can be used with Ozcart as this is a manual payment method. Once you receive the payment in your bank account, you just update the status of your order in the administration area of the store.

Banks Supported

As no money changes hands at checkout time, any bank can be used.

Getting Set up

Once you’ve entered instructions into the store administration area, Ozcart is ready to use this payment method. Customers make the transfer via their Internet Banking or in a branch of their or your bank. If you are accepting international bank transfers, make sure that you show customers the SWIFT code and publish your bank’s branch address or else they will have trouble making the transfer to you.

Contact Details

Bank Transfers are a manual order processing payment method in Ozcart, and do not require that you sign up to an external gateway service.