Cash on Delivery COD

Cash on Delivery is a popular method for sellers offering their products locally, or processing items via a mobile electronic funds transfer at point of sale (EFTPOS) terminal. If you are selling at weekend markets, you can use this payment method to put through orders for your weekend buyers without money changing hands at checkout time.

Integration with Ozcart

It’s a straightforward process to set up your store to accept cash on delivery.

Once you select the cash on delivery payment method in your store’s control panel, you can type in the instructions for buyers. Those instructions are displayed on the checkout and order screens that customers see.

Cash on Delivery admin settings

No card details or money is processed at checkout time, the order is simply recorded and a notice sent to you by email.

Key Facts

You can provide customers with any instructions relevant to your business process.

Banks Supported

As no money changes hands at checkout time, this is not applicable.

Getting Set up

Once you’ve entered the instructions into the store administration area, Ozcart is ready to use this payment method. How the actual transaction is processed depends on your business process. Once processed, you can update the order status in your store’s administration area.

Contact Details

This is a manual order processing payment method in Ozcart. This means that it does not require you to sign up to an external gateway service.