Money Order

Money Orders can be completed by your customers in nearly any country’s postal office or elsewhere where it is accepted.
Australia Post describes money orders as “a convenient, safe and affordable option for sending cash – and a great alternative to personal or bank cheques.”
Canada Post describes money orders as “a postal Money Order is a certified, cashable document guaranteed by Canada Post. It is a safe way to send money (locally or internationally) through the mail.”

Integration with Ozcart

Setting up your store to accept money orders is easy with Ozcart.

Simply activate or select Money Order as a payment method in your Ozcart store administration area and enter the instructions for your customers. Those instructions will be shown to them during checkout.

Money Order admin settings

No card details or money is processed at checkout time, the order is recorded and a notice sent to you by email.

Key Facts

You can enter whatever details you wish to display to your customers into the Ozcart administration area and these are shown to your customers. When your customer makes the payment, you just update the status of the order in your store admin and the cart processes the order as per the rules you have set up with regards to stock management and notifying customers.

Banks Supported

As no money changes hands at checkout time, any bank can be used – as per your business terms. Money Orders are also good for your customers because:

  • Your customers can buy Money Orders for a limited value. Find out that value by consulting your postal office’s website.
  • They can also post them to you if you accept that method of receiving Money Orders, because Money Orders can only be cashed by you, and so are a secure way for your customers to send cash through the mail.
Getting Set up
Once you’ve entered instructions into the store administration area, Ozcart is ready to use this payment method. A money order can be processed by your customers at any postal office outlet, anywhere in countries that support it.
Contact Details

Money Orders are a manual order processing payment method in Ozcart, and do not require that you sign up to an external gateway service.