Stripe is a global payment gateway provider with no set up fees and a simplified pricing structure. It allows you to accept payments online on desktop and mobile devices. Stripe is a global company processing billions of dollars of transactions worldwide. Australian, Canadian, American, (most) European, and other merchants are accepted.

Integration with Ozcart
  • Ozcart is integrated with Stripe credit card payments.
  • Once you have signed up an account with Stripe, you then log in to your Stripe account and generate some security keys which you enter into your store as an electronic signature. Your store can then communicate with Stripe’s secure servers.
  • Setup in Ozcart is easy:

Stripe admin settings

Key Facts
  • Stripe has simple pricing with a per transaction and percent transaction fee. There are separate fees for domestic and international credit cards.
  • Please see Stripe’s official page ( for the most up-to-date and detailed information.
  • Cards accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express.
  • Currency supported: In Australia, Canada, USA, and most of Europe, you can accept payments in 100+ currencies.
  • Stripe Support hours: 24/7 worldwide support.
  • Fraud Protection: Stripe automatically evaluates charges for fraud risk and blocks those their system believes is fraudulent.
  • Your branding on payment page: Use Stripe Elements.
  • Settlement: Clearance is very quick for most transactions, and payments to your account on a 7 day rolling basis.
  • Integrated with Ozcart: Yes.

This information is accurate as at 22-June-2018.

Banks Supported

Stripe is a third party payment solution, so you don’t require a merchant bank account as well. However, it supports many banks in many countries and keeps growing. You can have Stripe automatically withdraw your Stripe balance to your bank account every few days. See Stripe’s own list of supported countries:

Getting Set up

Setting up with Stripe is done online and processed very quickly.

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