Suncorp Virtual POS

Suncorp’s own description: “The Suncorp gateway solution authorises payments in real-time from your business’s website, allowing customers to browse and purchase your products and services in their own time, and from home, saving you all the hard work.”

Integration with Ozcart

Ozcart is pre-integrated with Suncorp Virtual POS.

Once you have signed up an account with Suncorp Bank, they will send you a series of security password keys. You enter these into the administration panel of your store so that the store can communicate with Suncorp’s server.

Suncorp admin settings

You can set your account into testing mode prior to going live, and test with specific transaction values and credit card numbers to see how successful and failed transactions will work in your store.

Key Facts
  • Please see Suncorp’s official Suncorp Virtual POS page for the most up-to-date and detailed information
  • Cards accepted: All Major Cards
  • Currency supported: Australian Dollars only
  • Support hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Fraud Protection: Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode accepted
  • Your branding on payment page: No, this is bank branded
  • Settlement: Same Day into a Suncorp account.
  • Integrated with Ozcart: Yes

This information is accurate as at 25-Jan-2018.

Banks Supported

Suncorp Virtual POS is an all in one solution, meaning your merchant account and gateway accounts are both with Suncorp.

Getting Set up

Suncorp’s application process will include a security declaration about your business processes and security of your website – we can assist you in answering the questions about our shopping cart software and its security and configuration.

The bank will want to see your site before approving your application so what most customers do is set it up with bank transfer or Paypal first, and then submit it to Suncorp for approval. The payment settings in the administration panel can be changed once you have Suncorp’s merchant approval.

Contact Details

Address: Suncorp Bank, PO Box 1453, Brisbane QLD 4001

Contact page.