Broken links and how to find them

Broken links and how to find them

Broken links can affect your ranking in search engines, because if your site has many pages that cannot be found they may be removed from search engine listings. How can a search engine – or a customer – find a page on your website if it isn’t there?

Fortunately, there are a number of tools available that can find broken links on your website. These tools consist of software robots that visit the home page on your website, record the list of links from that page and then systematically visit the links from those pages and so on.  Once all of the links on your website are visited, it returns a list of all the pages, images, videos and other files that it could not find.

There are two tools in particular that we have found very useful. These are:

W3 Org Link Checker

W3 develop and maintain a number of web standards and have a link checker available on their website. Provided you do not have an incredibly large website, the link checker.

Xenu Link Sleuth

If you have a Windows-based PC, then this tool is an alternative to the online link checker from W3.


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