Why SEO specialists and Web Developers Need to Work Together

Why SEO specialists and Web Developers Need to Work Together

Today most businesses have switched to the online realm, and maintaining a highly functional website has become a must. And what are the two key departments you’ll need for a killing website? A strong development team and brilliant SEO professionals. Although these two teams work on the same project, most of the time, they are functioning separately from each other.

For instance, when you hire a react native developer and accept him to your team, he might not even care who your main SEO specialist is because it seems like they would never work together.

This is twice the case when you deal with remote work, which makes cooperation between different professionals even harder. But there is a reason why you should consider turning your SEO specialists and web developers into close friends, and we’ll discuss all the reasons below.

But first, let’s clarify what each of these professionals does.


Who are web developers?

The web developer is the person responsible for the creation of your website. Once the web designer comes up with the look of your website, it’s up to web developers to make the design real by creating a fully-functional webpage.

There are mainly three types of web developers: front-end developer, back-end developer, and full-stack. The front-end developer is the one responsible for the look and feel of your website. He works on the layout/style that the user sees.

The back-end developer focuses on the technical aspects and controls how the website runs. The full-stack does both: doing front-end and back-end tasks.

Together, all these types of web developers create and maintain your website.


Who are SEO specialists?

It’s not enough for your website to be developed and pushed live. You can spend thousands on designing and developing a website, but what’s the use of it, if eventually, no one finds it.

For your website to reach your audience, you need SEO specialists. The SEO specialist is the professional who helps your website to appear higher on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

He enables you to get onto the first page of Google, for instance. And we all know what it means to be up there, on the first page of Google: you get most of the traffic that comes from the search.

Hence, you increase the number of your clients, get more conversions, become richer, and…. Okay, you got the point. In short, SEO is crucial if you want to improve the visibility of your website and get it out there.

But what do SEO specialists do to get you so high on the SERPs?

Well, there are a lot of aspects that come into SEO. Most of the time, SEO is divided into the following parts:

  • On-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Local SEO

Most of the time, people are familiar with the on-page SEO that deals with keyword research, keyword placement, blog writing, and similar things. But as you have seen, SEO is more than that. It also includes the technical aspects, like speed optimization, link structure, code, schema, image optimization, etc.

And this is when SEO and web development become very close to each other.

And so:


Why do SEO specialists and web developers need to work together?

As we’ve already mentioned in many aspects, SEO and web development are related and are very important. So, if your SEO and development teams do not cooperate, there is no way you can get good results.

As Robb Fahrion mentioned in his blog post, some major issues arise when there is a big disconnect between the two teams. Fahrion mentioned how the development team refused to engage in SEO optimization tasks, not understanding their importance.

Sometimes, web developers might think the SEO tasks are too minor, and there is no need to spend extra time on them. However, many SEO practices might seem trivial initially but eventually push your website to the higher ranks.

So, it would be beneficial if your SEO specialist explained to web developers what is crucial for SEO. It would help the website to be designed and developed in an SEO-friendly way right from the beginning.

So, next time you hire a react native developer, make sure you also have a corresponding SEO specialist who will work closely with him and help to develop the most SEO-friendly website.

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