How do I rank in Bing?

How do I rank in Bing?

Bing is Microsoft’s latest search engine, and a replacement for their previous search engine offering called Live MSN that has been around since June 2009. How does Bing work and what do you need to do to get your website ranking well on Bing?

What factors does Bing use to rank websites?

On the Bing website, Microsoft state that to rank well in Bing, you need to ensure that you keep your web pages focussed on the topic that your website relates to and does not try to over-target particular phrases (keywords) on any given page. Another key element that they state is that links are important (like on Google) and that the quality of links is more important than quantity.

How does Bing compare to Google?

Some key factors to note when comparing Google to Bing are:

  • Sites can start ranking as soon as your site is completed and live on the Internet. Google often uses time as a measure of authority whereas Bing does not work like this
  • Every page on the site is treated on its own merits so page-based optimisation factors will hold more weight on Bing than on Google (which filters results more heavily based on links)
  • Bing considers domain name factors more than Google. For example a ranks better than a (all other factors equal) where as Google does not weight the site extension as heavily.
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