How are shipping prices calculated?

in Payments and Shipping
What shipping prices you show to your customers depend on your business strategy for pricing shipping. You may for example choose to build the shipping costs into your product and offer customers free shipping, offer flat rates, charge based on the destination and weight or number of items, or use an automated/realtime calculator provided by one of the shipping providers like Australia Post.

The Real Time calculators supported for shipping services in Ozcart include:

  • Australia Post – retail rates for letters, parcels, prepaid satchels and international services (Economy, Standard, Express, Courier)

Some of these courier services require that you have accounts set up with them before they will authorise your website to look up shipping prices.

You can also choose to set up a flat rate per state or manual shipping options with tables of rates based on item cost, number of items or weight to specific geographic areas that you pre-define. This can be useful if you are working with a courier service that does not have a built in calculator or you have specific shipping pricing that is not covered by the standard calculators.

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