Is Spectrum internet worth it?

Is Spectrum internet worth it?

Charter Spectrum, also popularly known as Charter Communications, is the second biggest cable Internet Service Provider in the US. Spectrum, presently, provides cable internet services to more than 102 million Americans in 46 states, just a few steps behind Xfinity by Comcast, which offers its services to 111 million in the country.

Spectrum has got some incredible selling points, despite the fact Charter, the owner company has not really had the best feedback on their customer service support. Ever since Charter communication acquired Bright House Networks and Time Warner Cable a couple of years back, this company has gone through notable developments.

Spectrum has significantly extended its network and is persistently doing the same all through 2019 and have entered 2020 with the same vibe. Spectrum’s internet services are also ranked higher by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for providing the same speed as advertised, which is unfortunately not very common among all the popular internet service providers.

If you are considering between Spectrum and conventional DSL internet services such as CenturyLink or AT&T, the spectrum is a competitive option – particularly if you are fond of streaming videos and engage in online activities that involve heavy data consumption. Spectrum’s cable internet services have no data caps, which makes it the most noteworthy ISP for all the cord-cutters who utilize streaming services including Hulu and Netflix without any conventional cable TV package.

Enlisting some popular spectrum internet prices along with the plans. As per the disclaimers, the company holds the right to revise the prices and plans at any time and the availability, speeds, serviceability, and prices may vary from location to location. Spectrum offers various bundle deals for everybody, particularly for budget-savvy people. These may or may not be suitable for all, as it entirely depends on the number of people in your household who are going to consume these services, the number of the channels you require and so on.


Spectrum Packages/Plans Monthly Charges Speed of internet TV Inclusive PHONE Inclusive
Spectrum Internet —

Best Internet-Only Deal



100 Mbps


No No
Spectrum Double Play Select $8998 100 Mbps


Spectrum TV Select No
Triple Play Select – Top Internet/TV/Phone Bundle Plan $9997 100 Mbps


Spectrum TV Select Unlimited Calling Minutes
Triple Play Silver $12497 100 Mbps


Spectrum TV Silver Unlimited Calling Minutes
Triple Play Gold $14497 100 Mbps


Spectrum TV Gold Unlimited Calling Minutes


Analysis of Spectrum Speed

As per the internet speed tests, Spectrum has been marked as “Goldilocks” which is not too slow and not too fast. Naturally, heavy internet users would be happier with pure fiber from a specialty provider. For an average internet user like most of us, Spectrum’s basic plans of up to 100 Mbps are just about right for any household that likes to engage in gaming, live streaming and surfing the internet. The data mentioned below is derived after 9,823,903 speed tests and based on verified IP users in multiple cities.


Austin, Texas 83 Mbps 205 Mbps
Brooklyn, New York 68 Mbps 193 Mbps
Buffalo, New York 33 Mbps 88 Mbps
Charlotte, North Carolina 66 Mbps 182 Mbps
Cincinnati, Ohio 69 Mbps 180 Mbps
Cleveland, Ohio 54 Mbps 90 Mbps
Columbus, Ohio 44 Mbps 106 Mbps
Dallas, Texas 79 Mbps 205 Mbps
El Paso, Texas 52 Mbps 111 Mbps
Fort Worth, Texas 63 Mbps 176 Mbps
Kansas City, Missouri 49 Mbps 106 Mbps
Los Angeles, California 76 Mbps 192 Mbps
Louisville, Kentucky 52 Mbps 145 Mbps
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 64 Mbps 183 Mbps
New York, New York 94 Mbps 223 Mbps
Orlando, Florida 49 Mbps 107 Mbps
Saint Louis, Missouri 55 Mbps 143 Mbps
San Antonio, Texas 61 Mbps 170 Mbps
San Diego, California 78 Mbps 202 Mbps
Tampa, Florida 41 Mbps 99 Mbps


Why Spectrum internet is worth having?

Let’s first dig out if Spectrum charges any hidden fee once we sign up with it. After researching and analyzing existing spectrum customers, the answer is no. The prices are hence straightforward and they mention added things up-front. However, the spectrum increases its prices after completing the first year, which is quite usual for any national cable services provider to do so. You just have to ensure to check the prices along with the terms and conditions so you don’t get shocked when you see a raise on your bill after a year.

Every internet connection is comprised of a router and a modem. The modem has the job to transform cable’s signals into digital, whereas the router makes your Wi-Fi function and transfers the traffics to all the connected devices with it.

Spectrum offers its internet services along with a modem that is free of cost. However, the router comes with an extra charge of $5 per monthly. So, people who plan on continuing their spectrum internet services for more than a year should get a router from a third-party source in order to avoid extra monthly charges. By almost all means, spectrum internet services are absolutely worth having.

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