Why Cross-platform eCommerce App Development is the Key to Reaching More Customers

Why Cross-platform eCommerce App Development is the Key to Reaching More Customers

Do you know over 64.6% of the global population uses the Internet? Thus, it highly influences consumer behavior and how they purchase products & services online. Today, more than ever, buyers use their mobile devices, phones, and tablets to purchase items virtually from any retailer. This has increased the demand for eCommerce application development services.

The global e-commerce market is expected to reach $70.9 trillion by 2028, at a CAGR of 27.43% from 2023 to 2028. The increasing number of mobile apps on multiple platforms, including Android and iOS, is one of the key factors driving the eCommerce market.

With Android and Apple’s iOS acquiring 71.4% and 27.9% of the market share, respectively, concentrating on one operating system limits your audience reach. Therefore, you must develop a mobile app that works seamlessly on multiple platforms to maximize your revenue opportunity. By developing cross-platform mobile apps, you acquire new users and increase brand discoverability across platforms.


How an eCommerce App Development Company Increases Customer Reach With Cross-platform Mobile Apps

Cross-platform mobile applications are accessible and compatible across multiple platforms & end devices, including iOS and Android. A hybrid app development company uses cutting-edge cross-platform application development frameworks like Flutter, Ionic, React Native, PhoneGap, and Xamarin.

A cross-platform approach to application development can benefit eCommerce industries in a number of ways.


1.    Any Platform Support

Applications developed with a cross-platform framework work on various operating systems, such as Windows, Android, or iOS. You can use the same code to create multiple OS or device applications. Whether your target audiences use Android or iOS (iPhone/ iPad), you can provide them similar in-app experience across all devices.


2.    Consistent User Experience Across Platforms

The cross-platform app development approach allows you to maintain a consistent user experience across various end devices with different OS. A uniform UI/UX will provide a sense of familiarity with your eCommerce application regardless of the operating system your customers use. Thus, it can build customer loyalty and enhance your brand’s identity across the target audience.


3.    Faster Time-to-market

Code shareability and reusability are primary benefits of cross-platform app development that enable developers to manage their work more efficiently. It eliminates the extra workload of developing a native app separately for different platforms. Hence, your app can be deployed faster without any delay. Consequently, MVPs or application prototypes can be launched faster, allowing you to quickly iterate and improve the product. Hence, you can gather valuable feedback quickly and improve your application from the outset.


4.    Cost-effective Development

With cross-platform app development, eCommerce business owners don’t have to spend money building apps for each platform individually. Hence, this makes the development process more efficient and reduces maintenance cost, improving the overall ROI.


5.    Easy to Maintain

Cross-platform app development simplifies writing and deploying codes. It also makes testing the application for bug fixing and continuous app maintenance effortless. The reusable code makes the post-maintenance process manageable. The hybrid app development company focuses on just one codebase, making it easy to test the app. Therefore, you can update your eCommerce app according to the latest trends to ensure your users continue to have an optimum experience.


6.    Focus on Scalability and Customization

Cross-platform frameworks have tools, features, and extensions that support scalability & customization. Moreover, cross-platform apps’ enhanced responsiveness, performance, and security ensure high user engagement. The compatibility of cross-platform mobile apps with plug-ins integrated with cloud settings enhances the app’s scalability and functionality.


Build an Engaging eCommerce Cross-platform App

As mobile app users constantly grow, eCommerce app development companies must adopt innovative technologies to improve customer engagement. Cross-platform technologies offer many benefits for businesses that help them reach a wider audience and increase their performance & ROI. Therefore, choosing cross-platform mobile app development can support your business with faster turnaround time, easier deployment, reduced app development cost, and ongoing support.

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