What Software Development Trends Should We Expect in 2021?

What Software Development Trends Should We Expect in 2021?

It’s that time of year again. We’re finally able to leave the nonsense of 2020 behind and take stock of where we’re headed.

If the past year has accomplished anything, it has highlighted the importance of apps for keeping society connected and functional. They’re not just for fun and entertainment anymore.

Tech innovations tie together convenience and necessity. For example, geolocation apps are great for helping us find our way in unfamiliar territory. But, they also keep us safer by allowing us to find lost pets or people and track important shipments like groceries, medications, and essential equipment.

As an IoT developer, knowing the trajectory of tech innovations allows us to create software that meets the changing needs of society. They keep businesses viable in the worst of times and make daily life a little easier for the rest of us no matter what’s happening in the outside world.

If you want to remain viable as a developer, it’s important to distinguish between a passing fancy and an industry-changing trend. To that end, here are the advances to keep track of us as we move forward into 2021.


Increased Reliance on the Internet of Things (IoT)

While the average person is just becoming aware of the possibilities, those of us in the developer community have been excited about the advent of IoT dominance for quite some time. Networked connectivity is nice. IoT was ultimately about more than just convenience.

In the past, news about IoT focused on how it improves our domestic environment. Moving forward, reliance on IoT innovation, especially in service and manufacturing environments, will become the dominating force in terms of development. In fact, all facets of IoT funding and development are expected to double over the next few years.


The Dominance of Native Apps

Reliance on mobile apps increased exponentially over the past year due to global circumstances beyond our control. There are no signs that this reliance will change any time soon. That means developers must continue to prioritize app security, performance, dependability, and user experience over all.

While we’re prognosticating, our big reveal is the fact that progressive web apps are the next big thing. They combine the functionality of a website with the engagement capabilities of a traditional app.

What makes an app progressive? There are three requirements:

  • It needs to run under the bidirectional security of HTTPS
  • There should be a web app manifest in the form of a JSON file
  • Service worker scripts running in the background


Mobile Commerce

Making payments is becoming more and more cashless, and mobile commerce is the one feature that is getting added to the mobile apps. Apps with mobile commerce integrated are expected to become more popular. People will use them all across the economy to make transactions safer and more transparent. The apps are also getting more reliable and perform better as the payment providers reduce their libraries’ size. These apps are projected to grow into 2021 as more people move away from making payments in cash.


Cloud Computing Will Be More Necessary Than Ever

In the past, transitioning to the cloud was viewed as a way to save money and improve the security and accessibility of data. With remote work becoming the rule rather than the exception, reliance on virtual storage and access is more than a mere convenience.

It not only provides us with the capability to ramp up when our operation when we need to, it also allows us to scale down as circumstances warrant. For example, the hospitality and tourism industries were hard hit when travel was curtailed.

Rather than continuing to maintain costly data centers, companies were able to pay only for the level of storage and access they needed. Once populations are able to regain outward mobility again, they’ll be able to reach their former levels easily thanks to the flexibility of the cloud. Look for more hybrid and cross-platform development as well.


Final Thoughts

Technology moves forward at a dizzying pace. Every once in a while, it’s necessary to step back and take stock of where we’re headed.

This is an exciting time in the industry. But, having the best developer tools is not enough. By noting trends and advancements, developers can better focus their efforts and remain on the cutting edge of innovation.

Eisele Candace
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