5 great online business ideas to get you started

5 great online business ideas to get you started

So you have decided you want to start an online business but don’t know where to start? Here are some great online business ideas that could get you going!

Scrapbooking supplies

Instead of just keeping your photos in an album or a box, Scrapbooking is a highly creative way of keeping your memories and is big business the world over. With more and more people scrapbooking, the need for scrapbooking supplies is higher than ever. You’ll need a bit of creativity to run a scrapbooking supplies store online as there’s a fair bit of competition in Australia, but if you can provide extra content and not just products, or you have a physical shop to complement your online shop, you can be very successful. We see a big gap in the market for professionally designed scrapbooking store really focussed on the Australian’s needs.

Cat Jewellery

Sounds crazy? It’s big business overseas as more and more people treat their animals as full members of the family. The demand for pet clothes and pet jewellery is growing significantly worldwide and we see a great business opportunity here for someone with a passion for animals and good business sense. If you’re thinking about this kind of business, search for some suppliers online and buy in a small sample of products. Test out the idea in home parties, at local fairs and community events like dog shows. In the US this is a huge industry but it is still in its infancy in Australia.

Product Photography

You may think the photography market is full, with plenty of commercial photographers listed in the Yellow Pages in any local area in Australia. But call some of them and find out how much they charge small businesses for their product photography for websites? If you know what you are doing, there is plenty of opportunity for product photographers who can travel in a local business area, pick up products, photograph them professionally for listing on a website and then return them. Or a travelling photography service if you have the equipment and a portable setup. We think its an area worth exploring for someone dedicated and talented in this area. How many local businesses do you see that could do with a cost-effective and local person providing them with product photos for their catalogues?


It’s not only for cats and dogs. There are so many types of jewellery. The large retail and online stores may have a lot of dominance in this area, but there is still room for skilled sellers offering something unique. Can you make your own jewellery for example? Go to local markets and fairs and you will see that jewellery is still selling strong and if you have a passion and flair for knowing what people want, and a keen eye for pricing, it can be an ideal thing to sell online. Have a look at what’s possible in our sample online jewellery store.

Beauty Products

Beauty products sell well online. Have a look at this beauty products website for an example of what’s possible.

Exploring other business ideas

Don’t be limited by these ideas, they are just starter thoughts. Search on Google, and you’ll find hundreds of great business ideas. Anything that can sell in a mail order catalogue can sell online. Have a look on auction sites in Australia and you’ll see what people are buying. Have a look at products you have bought yourself and who you have bought them off. Could you do a better job of selling their products? Creative marketing, great product description writing, fantastic product photos and a professional looking website can help unsettle even established players in any market. Let your imagination be the limit and plan well. You do need to plan, but don’t think you have to write a 100 page business plan to succeed in an online business!

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