3 Simple Tips for Boosting Your Website Traffic

3 Simple Tips for Boosting Your Website Traffic

An online store that doesn’t have visitors is a waste of time, energy, and hard work. Although anyone with a device and an internet connection now have access to the tools needed to build a website quickly and easily, it remains a challenge to get people to visit that website. Of course, working on your SEO, having a quality product or service, and providing value are all going to be beneficial when it comes to improving your visitor numbers, but there are some simple tricks you can use to encourage those visits. If your website isn’t getting the views and the sales you hoped for, here are some quick tips that might transform your web presence and boost your online sales.


1. Get Listed

Google and other online business directories are used by people to find out more about the companies they want to buy from. Take the time to make sure that your website and business is listed on those directories, with all of the relevant information filled out. Those online directories can:

  • Make it easier to find you
  • Give your SEO some much-needed improvements
  • Establish audience trust in your website and improve your reputation

Make sure that your business is listed on:

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook

Industrial businesses need to use these directories as well, but should also look for sector-specific directories like ThomasNet, MacRae’s Blue Book, and Kompass.


2. Building Backlinks

You might have seen these referred to as inbound links or external links, but they are essentially the same thing. Backlinks are when your website is mentioned and linked to on a website that you don’t own, and they can be amazing for your SEO. Bloggers are usually a good source of backlinks, but it can take time to develop relationships with the bloggers that create content regarding your niche. If you don’t have the time to do your research, then a blogger outreach agency can be a useful option. Put simply, the more backlinks that you can develop, the more that search engines will value your website, and your performance on Google, Bing, and Yahoo will drastically improve.


3. Social Media

The big social platforms can be a challenge to use in the right way for businesses, but they remain crucial. Most brands are already using social media, but they aren’t using it in the right way. While there are contradictions everywhere you look for social media advice, there are some consistently suggested tips for making sure that you are using social media most effectively. Make sure that as well as posts, updates, and tweets, you:

  • Have your website’s URL listed on social profiles, and make sure that your profiles are fully optimized with keywords and valuable content
  • Share the content you have created for your blog and track the results so that you get a better understanding of your audience’s preferences
  • Use Call to Actions on your social posts that will drive people to your website
  • Leverage social media tools to help you be smarter with your time

Social media is not the be-all and end-all of digital visibility, but when used well, it can have a dramatic impact on your website visitor numbers.


It takes ongoing work to ensure that your website is getting all of the visitors you’ve been dreaming of. If you have simply built a website, sat back and hoped for the best, then you are never going to be as effective or visible as your competitors. If you want to see your website grow, then start with these tips. You might be surprised by how much a little work can transform your analytics. You may find out more if you purchase traffic for your website as well.

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