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Fees and Charges

The following details administrative fees and charges that apply for additional services outside the scope of our standard offering.

Prices are in United States dollars (USD).

This list is correct as of: Nov 25, 2020


Custom work / Quotes

Custom work (hourly rate), quoted prior to work commencement $45/hr (CAD / AUD) (35 USD)
Minimum charge 15 minutes


Late Fees / Suspension

Late fee for non-payment of account
(after discretionary allowance period solely at our discretion)
$10 after 30 days overdue
Account suspension for non-payment After 72 hours
Account termination After 60 days
All late fees and account fees are still due for non-payment.


Backup / Restore

Restore of complete website from system backup due to a corruption,
site failure or other cause outside customer’s control)
(Deletes all data since previous system backup)
No charge
Restore of complete website from system backup on customer request
(Deletes all data since previous system backup)
No charge

Restore of partial backup (e.g., blocks, database tables, customer and
order records) following accidental deletion by customer



IP addresses

IP addresses for live shops accessed via the domain name (with SSL) No charge
Sites in a staging area (accessed only by IP address and not the named
domain name) after 8 week grace period or after SSL expiry
and non-renewal (at our discretion)
$8 per month
(per IP)


SSL Certificates

First year with an Ozcart Ecommerce package No charge
After first year, renewal for SSL, or new SSL certificate on domain change
for website (other SSL options also available on our SSL certificates page)
$60 per annum


Other Administrative Fees

Change of business ownership/change of account $20

Change of domain name for website (after site live or site loaded
on domain). Includes find and replace for database and files which saves you lots of time and avoids broken images and links


Account or website hold (website will be suspended, but we will backup your website(s) as usual and allow you to keep it on our server for 1 year. E.g., you need a break from your website, or want to try out other options but don’t want to close your Ozcart site, etc.)

$75 per account


Package Upgrade and Downgrade

Package upgrade
(Pro rata of package for billing month)
No charge
** only one upgrade or downgrade per billing cycle
Package downgrade
(No pro rata of unused amounts)
$15 per downgrade
** only one upgrade or downgrade per billing cycle


Reactivation fee

If your site is completely cancelled due to non-payment and you wish to re-activate it, you will need to pay any unpaid invoices. If you cannot log in to make a payment on your website prior to your site being cancelled, please contact us.

Items not on this list (e.g., debt collectors fees) would need to be advised or quoted on a case-by-case basis as they may depend on your situation and/or quotes from third-party providers, so please contact us in advance if you feel they would affect you.


Fees and Charges are subject to change and not all updates will be communicated.

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